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Hip Hop Abs
Hip Hop Abs
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Hip Hop Abs
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Hip Hop Abs, Shaun T, At Home Fitness

Shaun T's Hip Hop Abs Workout

This breakthrough ab workout and weight loss system combines fun cardio hip hop dance moves with targeted abs moves so you burn the fat and you get the flat firm sexy abs that you always wanted!

Hip Hop Abs is a combination of dance, high energy, and serious core workout while you have a good time.The music on Hip Hop Abs gets you going and best of all, no sit ups and no crunches. NO need to lay on the floor ever again. It's just a fast fun hip hop dance party that keeps you motivated!

We are so confident that you will transform your body and see results that we will extend a 30 day money back guarantee with your purchase of Hip Hop Abs!

The Hip Hop Abs Workout Secret?

Shaun T, Hip Hop Abs, At Home Fitness SystemThe Answer: No More Sit Ups or Crunches!

Hip Hop Abs is like no other workout system you've tried before. Hip Hop Abs uses a breakthrough concept called the Absolute Engagement Technique. This is where you learn to engage all abdominal and core muscles while dancing.

"Tilt, Tuck, & Tighten" your way to 6-pack abs. Never do a sit up or crunch again.

Hip Hop Abs Includes

4 Amazing Shaun T. Workout Routines Full of Cool Hip Hop Dance Moves

Shaun T, Hip Hop Abs, At Home Exercise SystemSecrets to Flat Abs

Start your transformation with Shaun T's proven technique that is targeted to burn fat while sculpting your abs. Using "tilt", "tuck and "tighten" you will activate your upper, your middle , lower abs and your oblique's at the same time, so you get better and faster results.

Shaun T, Hip Hop Abs, At Home Fitness Exercise, BeachbodyFat Burning Cardio

Burn off the calories and dance off the pounds with Shaun's super fat burning cardio workout. I'ts charged with the hottest dance music and cool hip hop dance moves.

Ab Sculpt

It's time for more of Shaun T's signature standing abs moves so you get the 6 pack that you always wanted without getting on the floor for a single sit-up or crunch.

Total Body Burn

Step up your weight loss with a head to toe workout that combines cardio, body sculpting and ab moves. You watch the fat melt off and reveal a leaner body.

And to Accelerate Your Weight Loss

Step by Step Nutrition Plan

This comprehensive nutrition plan is designed to help you lose weight by making better food choices and improving your eating habits.

Hip Hop Abs Workout Calendar

The Hip Hop Abs Workout Calendar is an easy-to-follow schedule designed you get you those hot sexy abs and tone your entire body in just 30 days!

And as Free Gifts, We'll Include

Shaun T, Hip Hop Abs, Beachbody, At Home Fitness WorkoutFree Online Support:

Join the Beachbody Social network for FREE , chat live with Shaun T, get fitness tips, motivation, and more.

Hip, Buns and Thighs Bonus Workout DVD:

To blast fat and lift and firm those stubborn problem areas.

Shaun T's Fast Food Guide:

Results on the run. Lets you eat at your favorite fast food restaurant and still get great abs.

Measurement Card and Measurement Tape:

To keep track of your progress!

Shaun T's Hip Hop Groove - Take it to the dance floor:

These routines are filled with hot new hip hop dance moves that are guaranteed to supercharge your results.

6 Day SlimDown Plan:

This plan will jump start your results with an easy to follow plan to start losing inches off your waist in your first week.

Last Minute Abs:

A 5 minute ab routine you can always get a workout in and the music rocks!

Better Nutrition Means Better Results

Proper nutrition is a fundamental part of any successful weight loss program . Extreme Home Workouts shares its commitment to healthy living and carries a wide selection of supplements to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Try replacing a daily meal or snack with a serving of Shakeology.

Shaun T, Hip Hop Abs, At Home Fitness Exercise

WARNING: Always consult your physician before beginning any exercise program.

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