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P90X  Recovery Drink*
P90X Recovery Drink*
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P90X Recovery Drink*
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P90X / Insanity Results & Recovery Formula

The P90X Recovery Formula. The best tasting recovery drink. Designed by the makers of P90X, the P90X Recovery Formula is a must have supplement to maximize the hard earned results from your P90X workout or Insanity Workout.

Six Reasons to Buy the P90x Recovery Formula?

  1. The P90X Recovery Formula boosts energy levels and replenishes essential nutrients to maximize recovery and diminish muscle soreness.
  2. The P90X Recovery Formula  four to one (4:1) carbohydrate: protein ratio that helps for a fast complete recovery.
  3. The P90X Recovery Formula ontains a protein blend that supplies essential amino acids for quick muscle repair and recovery.
  4. With antioxidants and vitamins the P90X Recovery Formula is ideal for muscle repair and growth.
  5. Available in a 25 serving tub or in convenient single serving packs.
  6. Let's face it, the P90X Recovery Formula tastes better than any after workout drink in the market.

How to Use the P90X Recovery Formula.

Simply mix 2 scoops or one single serving pack in 12 oz of cold water and enjoy it after your workout or any other fitness activity.

Why Is the P90X / Insanity Recovery Formula so Crucial?

Insanity Results & Recovery Formula

After workout recovery drinks like the P90X Recovery Formula can significantly improve the qualitative degree and the rate of physical recovery after engaging in serious exercise, such as a one hour P90X workout, a session of P90X Plyometrics exercises, or intense aerobic conditioning such as the Insanity Workout. 

When recovery is poor, it becomes evident: obvious signs include poor workouts, fatigue, prolonged muscle soreness, lack of increased strength, and lower muscle mass. Prior research has demonstrated that nutrition that takes place after a period of intense physical activity, and up to two hours later can drastically improve an individual's recovery time. That's where the P90X Recovery Drink comes into play.

How Does the P90X Recovery Formula Work?

From a physiological perspective, muscle and their fibers are made of protein. These fibers increase in size when protein is synthesized. A bout of physical activity increases the breakdown in muscle protein and at the same time lowers protein creation. There is also a depletion of glycogen, which is the primary energy source for muscles. Finally, levels of insulin drop during physical activity. Insulin is the a hormone responsible for enabling tissues to absorb glucose, to build glycogen, and amino acids used to build muscle protein, while decreasing the breakdown of muscle protein during the post-exercise period. 

The goal of post-exercise nutrition, like the P90X Recovery Formula is to replenish glycogen levels that will lead to the process of protein synthesis (creation). Carbohydrates such as those found in the P90X Recovery Formula are the body's primary source of glucose, a fundamental ingredient in the production of glycogen.

The Benefits of Using the P90X Recovery Formula

The P90X Recovery Formula, through its carbohydrates, help to quickly restore your glycogen levels. Why is this so important? Because low glycogen trigger protein and therefore, muscle mass loss. When you use the P90X Recovery Formula, the body's insulin levels will rise. And as we mentioned earlier, this hormone is crucial in firing up protein production. Carbohydrates, such as those found in the P90X Recovery Formula also help in the release of growth hormones, which in turn leads to increased muscle. In addition higher carb levels decrease cortisol concentration. Cortisol, is a hormone that is released during periods of physical stress such as when doing the P90X workout.


Research studies have demonstrated that combining small level of proteins with carbohydrates, can greatly increase the release of insulin when compared to using carbohydrate only drink. That's why the P90X Recovery Formula is formulated as 4 part carbs and 1 part protein per serving.

The P90X Recovery Formula contains the kind of amino acids with high bio - availability to be used as building blocks in the recovery process. These important essential amino acid in the P90X Recovery Drink synergistically work with insulin and maximize the production of muscle protein.

The P90X Recovery Formula: Conclusions

The P90X Recovery Drink is the ideal recovery drink consisting of carbohydrates and protein. The optimal form of carbohydrate for the recovery drink is glucose and glucose polymers (several glucose molecules), such as maltodextrin. The ideal protein whey hydrosylate.

The majority of people tolerate liquids better than food after physical activity. That's why fluids like the P90X Recovery Formula also has the advantage of helping replenish the fluids lost during exercise, and is digested and absorbed more rapidly than solid food.

In addition, the P90X Recovery Formula is loaded with additional vitamins, minerals, and ani-oxidants required by bodies undergoing physical transformation. The multi-vitamin portion is complete enough to allow give you more than the required daily recommended dose of key vitamins and minerals.

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