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P90X2: Upgrade Your Body In 2012

What's included in P90X2?

  • Included in P90X2: 15 DVDs or 4 Blu-rays

    15 DVDs or 4 Blu-rays

    These twelve revolutionary workouts will deliver incredible visible results as they develop agility, balance, athleticism, and core strength.

  • Included in P90X2: 90 Day Calendar

    90 Day Calendar

    Crucial as your proceed through P90X2. The Calendar will show you when and what to do as you go about revolutionizing your health, body, and cross-train like a pro-grade athlete.

  • Included in P90X2: Nutrition Guide

    Nutrition Guide

    Technique is fundamental to results and health. Master the advanced techniques here as you map out your 90-day transformation with this guide!

  • Included in P90X2: Fitness Guide

    Fitness Guide

    Technique is fundamental to results and health. Master the advanced techniques here as you map out your 90-day transformation with this guide!

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P90X2 Takes P90X To The Next Level

After more than two years of research and development, Tony Horton's team of fitness experts have created a program that is incredibly effective and cutting edge that you won't believe how radical your results will be—that AND your performance improvement.

P90X2™ kicks things to the next level with a training regimen created by professional sports trainers for first-class results: P.A.P., or Post-Activation Potentiation. Don't know what that means? Know this: it means it will push your limits and get you into the best shape of your life!

P90X2 delivers twelve revolutionary workouts that will improve your agility, core strength, balance, and athleticism—and leave you ripped in the process. It also comes with a new, ultra-customization Nutrition Plan to help you reach your goals.

Are you ready for the kind of training that even pro athletes wish for? For a kind of cross-training that will leave you standing head and shoulders above the rest? With its emphasis on raw athleticism, your core, and massively improved agility, you won't even recognize yourself when it's done.


Frequently Asked Questions

How is P90X2 different from P90X?

While P90X2™ is a complete 90-day program like P90X®, it has taken the foundation and principles of the first program and applied the latest sports science through cutting-edge workouts. It may be hard to believe, but it ramps up the intensity with exercises that will call upon your last reserves of agility, balance, core strength, and athleticism. It should go without saying that it will also leave you looking AMAZING.

When will P90X2 be available?

December 2011. (Note: a Spanish language version will be available in January 2012.)

What types of exercises are in the program?

There are a total of twelve workouts, all of which belong to one or more of the three training phases, each of which has a separate focus.

Phase One will develop your foundation by helping you build a rock steady connection to the ground. It includes X2 Core, which blasts your core using the principles of instability; X2 Balance + Power, which consist of strength and explosive movements; and more.


Phase Two will develop your strength through workouts like Chest + Back + Balance, which takes the huge blast of P90X Chest & Back and sets it on unstable platforms; Plyocide, mixing and matching explosive movements with will power and self-coordination drills.


Phase Three will develop your performance abilities. This will incorporate P.A.P. Lower and P.A.P. Upper, our two new revolutionary workouts that bring the latest in cutting-edge training employed by the top athletes in the world—and consists of combined movements and drills that will reduce you to rubble.

What equipment do I need?

P90X2 requires a place to do pull-ups, a couple of dumbbells or resistance bands, and an hour of your time each day. There is some extra equipment that will allow you to optimize your P90X2 experience, such as the foam roller or RumbleRoller™, a PREMIUM stability ball, and 2 medicine balls. This equipment is per-order as part of the Deluxe and Ultimate kits. You can also purchase it separately in December after the per-order period has ended.

P90X2 Buy Now

Buy P90X2 Now