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Promo Codes

How does it work?

Simply enter the promo code during checkout to redeem your free bonus gift.These codes are product specific and cannot be combined. This offer is not available when you purchase from Beachbody or via the 1-800 # of the infomercial.

Asylum Promo Code:                      TA2011    to get 2 sets of resistance bands (intermediate and advanced resistance)
Hip Hop Abs Promo Code:            EA2011    to get the "Extreme Abs" bonus workout.
10 Minute Trainer Promo Code:    FY2011     to get the "Fountain of Youth" bonus workout.
Brazil Butt Lift Promo Code:          SW2011    to get the "Secret Weapon" bonus workout.
P90X Promo Code:                        XX2011     to get the "Fountain of Youth" & the "Mammoth UML" bonus workout.
Turbo Fire Promo Code:                GH2011    
to get the "Greatest HITTS" bonus workout.
Insanity Promo Code:                     FF2010      to get the "Fast & Furious" bonus workout.