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RevAbs - Your 90-Day Ab Solution
RevAbs - Your 90-Day Ab Solution
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RevAbs - Your 90-Day Ab Solution
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RevAbs Workout

Zero to 6-Pack in 90 DaysGet ready - The RevAbs Workout is HERE. Finally be able to get your hands on this revolutionary new ab workout. Excited? You should be. Because elite trainer Brett Hoebel is going to deliver something revolutionary to the world of at-home fitness.

Why is RevAbs so effective, so unique? Look no further for the answer than at the man who designed it. Brett Hoebel was a pre-med student at the exclusive Claremont McKenna college, and has joined his scientific knowledge with 15 years worth of health and fitness training experience to create a workout that caused NY Magazine to vote his workout class #1 in NYC - twice. No gimmicks. No tricks. No misinformation. RevAbs will deliver the most modern, cutting edge and efficient approach to transforming your body into a lean, ripped machine.

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Does RevAbs Work?

In a nutshell: yes. Why? Read the following five points to understand:

  • The Abcentrics approach: every exercise is specifically designed it to focus on your abs and core muscles. Every. Single. One. But beyond that, Brett will teach you how to 'fire your abs', a martial arts technique that involves exhaling with force at the hardest part of each movement to target your abs even further.
  • There are three styles of workouts: Ab Routines, Anaerobic Cardiovascular Intervals (anaerobic exercise forces your body to produce lactic acid which everybody hates but which triggers the release of growth hormones - try Googling EPOC and HIIT to learn more about the science here!), and finally Strength Training to develop the lean muscle that contains the mitochondria to burn fat.
  • RevAbs attacks your abs from all angles. A crunch is fine, and is an 'upper flexion' technique, but it's not enough. Rev Abs has upper flexion, lower flexion, double flexion, side flexion, twists (work your obliques in transverse twisting plane), and extensions (why include back exercises in an ab workout? The answer is because of anatomy and Brett's knowledge: not only do you need to equally condition and balance the muscles behind as well as in front of the spine, but your back muscles contract and stabilize bones like your hips to give you the greatest leverage while you develop your abs).
  • Proper nutrition guidance. Six packs simply do not appear without it, and RevAbs comes with tons of information on nutrition to guide you right.
  • Finally, shorter workouts (less than an hour) to ensure people will workout 5 times a week and maintain an intensity that's high enough for radical change. Lots of research on interval training/more intense strength training versus longer workouts have shown that shorter, more intense exercise = ripped (look at Olympic sprinters). Quicker but not easier--remember how hard that high level of intensity will be.

revabs workout, revabs reviews, brett hoebel, beachbodyWhat Is Included In The RevAbs Workout Package?

  • 8 DVD's with 10 workouts
  • Jumpstart calendar, a pre-workout 2 week nutrition cleanse
  • Rotation Calendar (Training Calendar)
  • Body Fat Tester
  • Fitness Guide
  • Anytime, Anywhere Travel Workout Routine
  • Nutrition Guide
  • Abs workout pamphlet
  • Transformation tracker and measuring tape

What You Need To Succeed

You need integrity so that you stick with the program once you start it.You'll never get the results if you don't commit. But beyond that, beyond that core desire to do the best you can, is there anything else that can help? Sure is. Remember earlier when we discussed (briefly) the absolutely vital role nutrition plays in succeeding at this program? We weren't joking. And to help you achieve your dietary needs we recommend Shakeology, a supplement as revolutionary as RevAbs itself. What else? You're going to be hitting the floor a lot, so protect your knees and elbows with a quality mat like the Plyometrics Mat. Bruises may make you look tough, but the truth is they hurt. Finally, for those looking to get sculpted and ripped like Brett himself, you will want the P90X Recovery Drink. Bounce back from those workouts feeling fresh and ready for more, ready, even, for the Rev Zone.

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About Brett Hoebel

Brett Hoebel is an international fitness expert that has built an impressive reputation as a nutrition and lifestyle trainer in New York City. With a background in biomedical sciences from Claremont McKenna and Afro-Brazilian capoeira, he's been an athlete and into martial arts since he was 10 and has trained numerous celebrities including Victoria Secret's Karolina Kurkova, and is the co-host of Fit Family on the Discovery Channel, as well as appearing as a frequent consultant as a fitness expert on The WB Morning Show. Frustrated with the sheer amount of misinformation, gimmicks and rip-offs out there in the field of fitness, he decided to apply his medical knowledge and 15 years worth of fitness training to create a program based on his scientific knowledge of biology and anatomy and combined with his passion for martial arts and fitness training to create Rev Abs.